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Dark Arts The Tattoo Studio

Tattoos mean different things to different people and cultures. For some, it’s an art, and for some, it reflects personality. But needles piercing into your skin can get not only painful but also scary. Read the complete article to know the tattoo side effects before getting one.

Let’s first understand how tattoos affect your skin? Tattoo breaks the tissues of the topmost layer of the skin, which can cause tattoo skin diseases like skin infections, allergic reactions, etc. There are numerous side effects of tattooing. It can cause fever and chills to severe conditions like HIV.

Its side effects are relative – changes from person to person. It depends on the prior health conditions of an individual. Pre-existing medical conditions of a person can get worse due to getting a tattoo.

But, it is impossible to completely reject the idea of having tattoos because many see it as a form of self-expression. So, insisting on safety precautions is very important to ensure protection from the side-effects of tattoos.

Tattoo Side Effects

There can be several negative effects of tattoos. It has been proven that tattoo ink can infect the layer of the skin. The facultative bacterial species in inks can pose serious health risks to the exposed skin.

Physicians also claim that tattoo inks have a high potential to cause severe damage to your body like skin cancer or melanoma. Does it make many ask- are tattoos safe? Not entirely, it can have side effects, and the impact of its side effects can vary. Some of the side effects are;

  • Allergies caused by tattoos
  • Tattoo can cause complication with MRI
  • Tattoo can lead to skin issues like granuloma
  • Blood borne diseases like Hepatitis B, C may be caused due to a tattoo

Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects

The potential risk of general tattoo removal includes poor wound healing, skin discoloration, and scars marks. There are several laser tattoo removal side effects too. The most common side effects are:

  • Redness caused by laser tattoo removal
  • Tenderness due to laser tattoo removal
  • Swelling because of laser tattoo removal
  • Blistering caused due to laser tattoo removal
  • Hyperpigmentation by laser tattoo removal
  • Hypopigmentation caused by laser tattoo removal

Tip: To minimize potential high risks, visit only a licensed tattoo studio. It is important to check their equipment for hygiene. Also, make sure to discuss your pre-existing medical condition with them (if any).

Temporary Side Effects

There can be many temporary side effects of tattooing if not taken care of appropriately. Improper care after tattooing can result in;

  • Early-stage tattoo infections
  • Skin rashes after tattooing
  • Skin infections caused after tattooing
  • Small bumps (keloids) to after tattooing

These are also some other common temporary side effects of tattoos on the body.

Itchy Tattoo

Itchiness is common with new tattoos. It is due to tattoo reactions. Visit the dermatologist as soon as possible to avoid any further reaction.

Harmful Glitter in Tattoo Ink

Nowadays, glitter tattoos are very popular. UV inks add shine and glitter to the tattoo. The UV ink side effects are due to phosphorus in ink, which can cause rashes, yellowness, and burning of the skin.

Ink Poisoning

Unhygienic tattooing can lead to major ink poisoning. Side effects of tattoo ink poisoning can result in serious infections. The tattoo ink is therefore considered cosmetic by the FDA. Use tattoo infection cream like a hypoallergenic and a fragrance-free cream to treat an infected tattoo and consult a doctor.

Do Tattoos Cause Cancer?

Tattoo ink cancer is not a general thing; however, the ink does contain substances that can cause cancer. Although, there is not much proof of a link between tattoos and skin cancer.

Carcinogens found in some tattoo inks are associated with liver or bladder cancer. Bad quality ink and sensitive skin can worsen the situation.

To avoid this, it is better to visit a dermatologist to get a green light. Opting for clinically certified artists lowers the risk of cancer caused due to contaminated ink or equipment.

Can Tattoos Cause Lymphoma?

Tattoos can cause strong immune reactions. Contaminated or old tattoo ink increases the chances of Lymphoma. Similar cases have been described in medical research papers. The negative effects of tattoos can be developed even 30 years after tattooing.

What to Do if You Have Tattoo Infection?

Immediately seek medical help if you feel any discomfort or notice any reaction after getting a tattoo. A dermatologist is a best-specialized doctor to consult in such cases. Minor bumps and rashes can usually be treated with antibacterial ointments. In rare cases, surgery may be required to repair the infected tissue.

Disadvantages of Tattoos: A Problem for Government Jobs

The long-term effects of tattoos must be looked into before tattooing. The majority of men drop the idea of body artwork as a tattoo is a problem for government jobs. The government job recruiters do not entertain tattoos. The candidates can be rejected for this one reason. It is a significant disadvantage of tattoos.

Dangers of Self Tattooing

Buying tattoo equipment and doing it yourself is not safe. Tattooing requires hands-on experience and precision. Everyone doesn’t have the skill to handle the inked needles.

The procedure requires clean and sterilized equipment, which can be missed when self-tattooing. If not done correctly, it can cause;

  • Severe bacterial infections by self-tattooing
  • Self-tattooing can cause diseases like Hepatitis or HIV
  • Self-tattooing can lead to permanent scarring

Over the years, hundreds of reports involving adverse side effects of tattooing like blood borne diseases, dermatitis, photosensitivity, etc., have been reported. One should be concerned about the unsafe practices and the negative effects of tattooing before getting inked or inking themselves.