The studio is equipped with the latest machinery and other equipments to ensure the process of tattooing or piercing is simple and hassle free. In addition to this we use state of the art tattoo machines, quality inks (FDA Approved), disposable needles, sterilized tubes and tips, disposable ink caps, disposable gloves and a completely enclosed environment to ensure absolute safety.

All the supplies used in the studio are imported and FDA approved.
The studio follows certain rules which are:

> We do not tattoo clients ailing from Haemophilia, Christmas Disorder, Moderate or Acute
> Diabetes and other skin or health disorders.
> We do not tattoo clients under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.
> Clients are requested not to get tattooed on an empty stomach.
> We require parental consent for tattooing clients under the age of 18 years.
> Any kind of health disorders have to be mentioned to the tattoo artists before the start of the procedure.
> Used needles and inks are disposed off after a single use.
> Prices are fixed and we do not entertain bargaining.
> Prices start at Rs. 4000.00 + 12.3% service tax. (Prices are subject to change without prior notice)
> We are not concerned about prices at other studios.
> Clients are requested not to smoke or consume eatables in the work area.
> A post tattoo care kit is given to the client after the tattoo is done.